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If you are new to curry, here is our guide to some of the common dishes found on Indian restaurant menus. However, please be aware that strengths in heat and ingredients used to create flavours can vary from restaurant to restaurant. Please speak to our Manager for further info or explanations.


Britain’s favourite dish. Meat marinated in spices and yoghurt then skewered and roasted in the Tandoor (clay oven), then added to the sauce. Usually a distinctive bright red colour. It has subtle coconut and almond flavours coming through a very sweet and creamy sauce. Suitable for beginners.


A rich mild dish. The sauce is a blend of desecrated coconut, ground almond, sugar and fresh single cream. Usually a distinctive creamy yellow colour. Recommended for beginners.


A blend of medium ground spices are used to create a subtle and well-balanced flavour in a sauce of medium consistency. Not too hot, not too mild, a happy medium. Suitable for most beginners.


A blend of medium ground spices are used with the addition of chilli powder creating a hotter flavour. Lemon juice is added to enhance and give sharpness to the heat.


Similar to the madras – only double the amount of chilli powder is used creating a much hotter dish. Usually the dish includes a few pieces of potatoes as well as your choice of meats. Only for those with a strong palate.


A blend of medium ground spices, finely chopped onions and chefs own recipe tomato puree are used to create a very subtle sweet flavour. The sauce is reduced till concentrated.


Similar to the bhuna only with lots of additional chunky roasted onions and peppers. This enhances the already subtle sweet flavour of the BHUNA.


We first cook a BHUNA, and then in a separate pan plenty of chunky tomatoes and a generous amount of garlic are roasted and poured over the BHUNA.


Sweet, sour and hot. Start off with the same sauce base as the bhuna with the addition of chilli powder to add heat. Lemon juice is added for sourness and sugar adds and enhances the sweet flavours.


Sweet, sour and hot. Similar flavours to a PATHIA with added lentils in the sauce giving it a thicker consistency. Our dansak is highly recommended by our customers.


Meats are first marinated, then skewered and roasted in the tandoor before being introduced to the sauce. The sauce is thick and spicy with the addition of roasted onions and peppers, plenty of fresh green chillies and coriander. A fairly hot dish.


Basmati rice is boiled and drained. Then finished off in an oven till the rice is light and fluffy. Healthy and suitable to accompany all curries.


Basmati rice is cooked using ghee (clarified butter) and whole dried spices (cinnamon, bay leafs, cardamom and saffron). Wonderfully fragrant, the subtle flavours in the rice will enhance any curry.


Biryanis are a rice based dish. Your choice of meats or vegetables are lightly spiced and cooked. Then pilau rice is added and mixed together allowing all the flavours to fuse. Usually served with a side of vegetable curry.


Flat bread made using flour, eggs and milk. Baked by being placed on the wall of the Tandoor oven. Available with different fillings and toppings.